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Carl Newman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1858

Abington, Pennsylvania 1932

Luce Artist Biography

Carl Newman taught figure drawing at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He was friends with the painter Henry Lyman Saÿen, and they spent a summer together in Paris, experimenting with color by creating new, brighter shades of paint (Breeskin, H. Lyman Saÿen, 1970). Newman’s large, flamboyant images of nude figures often shocked the American public and one of his paintings even had to be removed from an exhibition because too many people complained. Much of his later work was destroyed by his widow, however, who grew to resent the paintings when they didn’t bring in any money during the Depression (“The Original Drawings of Carl Newman, Noted Figure and Portrait Painter, 1858-1932,” 1967, unpublished ms., SAAM curatorial file).