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Carl W. Peters Portrait

Carl W. Peters

Also Known as: Carl William Peters

Rochester, New York 1897

Fairport, New York 1980

Active in:

  • Rockport, Massachusetts

Photo Caption:
Carl W. Peters, 1931, Peter A. Juley & Son Collection, Smithsonian American Art Museum J0039880

Luce Artist Biography

Carl William Peters began sketching when he was in elementary school, and often drew pictures on the blackboard to amuse his friends. His family moved from Rochester, New York, to a farm in nearby Fairport and soon after, he quit high school to attend drawing classes. He spent several months at the Art Students League Summer School in Woodstock, then built himself a studio over the apple cellar on his parents’ farm, where he worked for the rest of his life. Peters painted images based on the landscapes of Fairport and Rochester and insisted on sketching on the spot, even in severe weather. (The Art of Carl William Peters, Exhibition Catalogue, R. H. Love Galleries, 1994)