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Frank A. Bicknell

Also Known as: Frank Bicknell, Frank A. Bicknell

Augusta, Maine 1866

Essex, Connecticut 1943

Active in:

  • Old Lyme, Connecticut

Luce Artist Biography

Frank Bicknell studied art in Malden, Massachusetts, with his father's cousin, Albion Bicknell, a well-known portrait and landscape painter. In 1888, Frank Bicknell moved to New York City and then to Paris, where he continued his studies at the Académie Julian. He traveled extensively, visiting North Africa, Greece, and Asia before returning to New York City. Later, Bicknell became an active member of the artists' colony in Old Lyme, Connecticut, where he spent many summers and autumns. Many prominent American impressionists, including Childe Hassam and Willard Metcalf, were members of the colony and looked to local scenery for inspiration.