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Olaf Skoogfors Portrait

Olaf Skoogfors

Also Known as: Gustav Olaf Jansson, Gustav Olaf Johnson, Olaf Gustav Skoogfors

Bredsjo, Sweden 1930

Mount Airy, Pennsylvania 1975

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Luce Artist Quote

“Jewelry offers me the opportunity to control artistic expression from a concept to realization and provides me with the human body as a gallery.” Artist quoted in Olaf Skoogfors: 20th Century Goldsmith 1930-1975

Luce Artist Biography

Olaf Skoogfors was influenced by his father’s career in engineering and was a self-proclaimed “constructivist by inclination.” He enjoyed building his compositions directly in metal, producing light-reflecting assemblages in gold-plated silver. He drew imagery from nature and from Scandinavian, Benin, pre-Columbian, Celtic, and Viking traditions.