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George Spaventa Portrait

George Spaventa

New York, New York 1918

New York, New York 1978

Photo Caption:
Courtesy of Archives of American Art. Smithsonian Institution.

Luce Artist Quote

“I come upon situations in life that have a symbolic character, a meaning larger than their actuality. These moments are so intense and total that I have to make a sculpture of them . . .” George Spaventa, ARTnews, September 1961

Luce Artist Biography

George Spaventa studied at the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design in New York and the Académie Grand Chaumier in Paris. He was inspired by the work of European sculptors, including Auguste Rodin and Alberto Giacometti, and created small works in bronze that explored the human figure. His sculptures often employed single figures in meditative poses, conveying a sense of isolation that reflected Spaventa’s solitary experience. He expressed his emotions through his materials, molding the wax or plaster with his hands so that the bronze retained vivid imprints of his touch.