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Bob Stocksdale Portrait

Bob Stocksdale

Warren, Indiana 1913

Oakland, California 2003

Active in:

  • Berkeley, California

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Bob Stocksdale.

Luce Artist Quote

“I work with the rarest woods in the world as well as with many common types. My goal is to discover unusual grains and colors in any wood that I work with.” Bob Stocksdale, American Craft, 1988

Luce Artist Biography

Bob Stocksdale grew up on a farm in Huntington, Indiana. His family had no electricity and Stocksdale used a lathe powered by an old washing machine engine to make simple baseball bats, table legs, and croquet sets. He moved to Berkeley in 1946 and produced more than two hundred turned bowls every year from his basement studio. Stocksdale was known for the variety and rarity of materials in his work. He enjoyed hunting for unusual types of wood at auctions and ship-repair yards, and often received unique samples from collectors of rare wood around the world.