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Gale Stockwell

Also Known as: Gale W. Stockwell

Kansas City, Missouri 1907

Colorado Springs, Colorado 1983

Luce Artist Quote

“There is beauty everywhere, and we all respond to it. I try to paint this beauty.” Stockwell, “Beauty of Nature in His Watercolors,” Missouri Valley Review, 1959

Luce Artist Biography

Gale Stockwell was a cartoonist for his high school paper, then studied at the Kansas City Art Institute. In 1933 he was hired by the Public Works of Art Project, which paid a small wage to many struggling artists during the Depression. He lost track of a lot of his work after giving it to the government and many years later was not only surprised to find one of his images on a jigsaw puzzle, but also discovered that this same painting was hanging at the White House! Stockwell worked in advertising until 1954, when he retired to devote all of his time to painting colorful images of Missouri towns and landscapes.