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Gary Trentham Portrait

Gary Trentham

Also Known as: Gary Lynn Trentham

Gleason, Tennessee 1939

Active in:

  • Auburn, Alabama

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Gary Trentham.

Luce Artist Quote

"[Basketmaking] always reminded me of the old 'quilting bees' my grandmother would have . . . it is such a peaceful form of art to create." Artist's statement, 2004

Luce Artist Biography

Gary Trentham loved textiles from an early age, when his mother would dress him in unusual fabrics. He studied music in college, but soon switched to art history with studio classes in ceramics and weaving. He made his first basket while studying for his master of fine arts degree, and although he had no experience in basketmaking, he experimented with strips of corduroy and string to make a coiled, hollow form. Trentham has made baskets ever since, primarily from waxed linen, and enjoys twisting and knotting fabric to form "any shape I want."