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Edith Bondie Portrait

Edith Bondie

Mikado, Michigan 1918

Hubbard Lake, Michigan 2005

Photo Caption:
Courtesy of Michigan State University Museum

Luce Artist Quote

"I got very little education other than nature." Edith Bondie, biography, Renwick file

Luce Artist Biography

Edith Bondie is a Chippewa Indian who grew up in the lumber camps of northern Michigan. Her mother was a basketmaker who often gave Edith scrap materials to play with while she worked. Bondie uses black ash, which she cuts from trees in a swamp near her home. She peels off the bark, cuts the wood into strips, then weaves these into baskets using only a knife and a pair of scissors. One basket can take up to six weeks to complete, and Bondie rarely makes more than fifteen in a year.