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Anita Weschler Portrait

Anita Weschler

New York, New York 1903

New York, New York, 2000

Active in:

  • Long Hill, Pennsylvania,

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Luce Artist Quote

"I gave up hundreds of different kinds of things for doing this, and there was no hesitation . . ." Anita Weschler, quoted in a documentary directed by David Howard

Luce Artist Biography

Anita Weschler came to art inadvertently, after a teacher at her progressive school saw a sketch she drew for a project and recommended her for art classes. She studied fashion design, interior decorating, and painting before she switched her focus to sculpture. Weschler experimented with both figural and abstract art, but all of her sculpted portraits are representational. She also invented new media for painting, using plastic resins and synthetic glazes. Weschler even created "translucencies," paintings lit from behind in shadow-box frames. The artist was a lifelong resident of New York City and vacationed in scenic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, nearly every summer.