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Harold Weston Portrait

Harold Weston

Merion, Pennsylvania 1894

New York, New York 1972

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Luce Artist Quote

“Theories and explanations about paintings are for me usually unsatisfactory. The important or final things can only be experienced from the work itself.” “Weston on Weston,” Magazine of Art, January 1939, reprinted in Wolf, Harold Weston, 1978

Luce Artist Biography

Harold Weston decided to be a painter when he was eleven, but rejected art school and embarked on several years of travel because he felt it was more important “to find out what you wanted to say than how to say it.” He went with the YMCA to the Middle East and, after returning to America, lived for many years as a recluse in the Adirondacks. He had seen firsthand the effects of famine in Asia and worked in several international relief organizations during and after the Second World War. (Wolf, Harold Weston, 1978)