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Anita Wiedenhoeft

Also Known as: Anita Kay Wesler

Little Rose, Wisconsin

Luce Artist Quote

“Words often fail me; my hands take over and express what I want to say.” Anita Wiedenhoeft, Craft Multiples, 1975

Luce Artist Biography

Anita Wiedenhoeft was one of one hundred twenty-six craftspeople chosen by a jury in 1975 to participate in the Renwick Gallery craft competition Craft Multiples. The Madison, Wisconsin-based Wiedenhoeft submitted ten copper-and-brass tea strainers. Editions of ten objects were made, all handcrafted and exactly alike. Wiedenhoeft is a part-time social worker as well as a metalworker, and believes that “both areas nourish each other. The hours at my bench are purely for myself . . . afterwards I feel refreshed and look forward to working with others.”