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Ramona Solberg

Watertown, South Dakota 1921

Seattle, Washington 2005

Active in:

  • Seattle, Washington

Luce Artist Quote

“I’m sure that if any anthropologists find a piece of mine 1000 years from now, they’re never going to figure out how these cultures got together.” From Ramona Solberg: Jeweler, Teacher, Traveler, 2000

Luce Artist Biography

Ramona Solberg incorporates into her jewelry objects that she collects from antique stores, flea markets, and street fairs. She joined the Women’s Army Corps to see the world, then returned to study at the University of Washington. Solberg pioneered the use of ethnic and well-worn materials, such as beads and game pieces, at a time when American studio jewelry was dominated by precious materials and modern, abstract forms. Personal expression, human warmth, travel, and history are important themes in her work.