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Suzan Benzle

Also Known as: Suzan Scianamblo Benzle, Suzan S. Benzle, Mrs.Curtis Benzle

Dayton, Ohio 1950

Active in:

  • Hilliard, Ohio

Luce Artist Quote

"The most exciting part of creating a piece of art is having an idea, making a plan to achieve that goal, then opening the kiln to see that the things you had not planned were as exciting as the things laid out." The artist, quoted in Ask the Artist, the National Museum of American Art presents the White House Collection of American Craft, 1995


Suzan Scianamblo [sha-NAM-bloh] Benzle [BEN-zlee] owns the jewlery design firm Benzle Signature Collection, and was previously involved with her former husband Curtis Benzle in Applied Arts and Benzle Porcelain Company. She has taught at the Arrowmont School of Craft in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the Columbus College of Art and Design and at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb—where he was awarded her MFA in 1979. She's received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ohio Arts Council.

Suzan Benzle's works are in the permanent collections of the Museo Internazionale Della Ceramiche, in Faenze, Italy and the Everson Museum, in Syracuse, N.Y.

White House Collection of American Crafts online exhibition at

Additional Biographies

Luce Artist Biography

After receiving her BFA from Ohio State University in 1972, Suzan collaborated with her then husband, Curtis Benzle, combining her interest in textiles with his desire to create translucent porcelain to make colorful patchwork ceramic vessels. Curtis spoke of Suzan’s early textile work in a 1995 article he wrote for The Studio Potter: "A favorite image of mine was [Suzan’s] newly-dyed silk fabric hanging to dry in the wind." He goes on to explain how the sunlight penetrating the colored silk gave him the idea to incorporate pigment into the clay. Suzan currently designs and sells jewelry in Chattanooga, Tennessee, under her remarried name, Suzan Benzle Boutz.