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Glenn Foss Portrait

Glenn Foss

Belding, Michigan 1906

New York, New York 1989

Photo Caption:
Copyright unknown.

Luce Artist Quote

"A carver cut a walking stick from a crooked balsam tree that stood in woodland on a road that used to be 'will the cane be strong, to help me along?' 'As strong as the wood' said he." Glenn Foss, 1981

Luce Artist Biography

Glenn Foss was a photographer, calligrapher, wood-carver, and poet. He left school at fourteen to work as a "printer's devil" for a local newspaper, but continued to study in his free time. After he retired, he began to carve canes that he and his wife used for hiking. He also attended poetry classes at Hunter College in New York and described poetry as just another "trade" to be learned (letter to William Root, Hunter College, 1990).