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Steven Weinberg Portrait

Steven Weinberg

Also Known as: Steven I. Weinberg

New York, New York 1954

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Steven Weinberg.

Luce Artist Quote

"Crystal glass, with its proverbial clarity, permits visual exploration both through and around the object. The complex interior composition plays against the severe geometry of the surface planes---a sculpture only possible in glass." Steven Weinberg, American Craft, 1979

Luce Artist Biography

Steven Weinberg learned to cast optical glass from Eric Hilton, one of his professors at Alfred University. Weinberg was responsible for the invention and design of a great deal of machinery for casting glass, as there was limited technology in the field when he started out in the 1970s. While visiting Central Mexico, he explored the "compelling" ruins of Mayan sites, and the construction and geometric shapes in these ruins frequently appear in his sculptures. Weinberg works primarily within a cube form and enjoys the control needed for working within such a precise shape.