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William Carlson

Also Known as: William Douglas Carlson, William D. Carlson

Dover, Ohio 1950

Luce Artist Quote

"I liked blowing glass initially, because just by blowing you could create a skin that would be very much a record of that pressure---of the heat and fluidity of glass. My new work denies all that." William Carlson, Neues Glas

Luce Artist Biography

William Carlson studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and helped establish the school's first glass program. His recent work combines granite with different types of industrial glass, including Vitrolite, a colored glass found on storefronts in the 1930s. Carlson transforms his rough sketches and ideas into Styrofoam blocks so that he can move them around and experiment with the sculpture's "kinetic force." He cuts, laminates, and polishes pieces of granite and glass to produce shapes that contain sharp angles and smooth planes.