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Harold O'Connor Portrait

Harold O'Connor

Utica, New York 1941

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Harold O'Conner.

Luce Artist Quote

“Europe is where our craft comes from. It’s been handed down to us from the guilds . . . the masters passing knowledge to the apprentices. Europe is where I go for my inspiration . . . To feel that you’re part of a long and beautiful tradition, or an artistic evolution—it’s thrilling, and it moves you to continue the work.” The artist, quoted in Lapidary Journal, November 1996

Luce Artist Biography

Harold O’Connor did not pursue jewelry making until his senior year of college when he took a course in metalwork and faced the challenge of transforming ideas into physical form. His undergraduate interest in anthropology has remained strong, however, and his art allows O’Connor to meditate on human interactions. O’Connor’s later training in Denmark and Germany has given him a technical virtuosity to match his interests. The artist works thematically, creating narrative jewelry that often reflects upon myths, cultural rites, and life in the last half of the twentieth century.