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Louis Sclafani

Mount Vernon, New York 1954

Active in:

  • Rosendale, New York

Luce Artist Quote

"It is my intention that the viewer know that this brittle body was once soft and pliable. By altering the surface, I want to show that the form is both internal and external, with an inner movement that changes according to the position of the onlooker." Louis Sclafani, American Craft, 1984

Luce Artist Biography

While studying art history and ceramics at the University of Siena, Louis Sclafani took a field trip to the island of Murano and obtained a summer job working in glass. He went on to complete a three-year apprenticeship with glass maestro Loredano Rosin. With Loredano and his brother Dino Rosin, Sclafani rediscovered the recipe for producing Calcedonia, a glass produced in Venice in the fifteenth century. In Calcedonia, the multicolored stripes resulting from a chemical reaction between silver and glass imitate the natural striations of agate.