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Dominick Labino Portrait

Dominick Labino

Fairmont City, Pennsylvania 1910

Grand Rapids, Ohio 1987

Active in:

  • Clairton, Pennsylvania
  • Toledo, Ohio

Photo Caption:
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Luce Artist Quote

"The possibilities are all inherent in the glass itself, in the blowpipe and in yourself." Dominick Labino, Ceramics Monthly, 1967

Luce Artist Biography

At the 1962 glass workshops run by Harvey Littleton (the pioneer of the studio glass movement), Dominick Labino provided the materials and expertise necessary to melt glass at a lower temperature and on a smaller scale. Labino considers himself an inventor rather than an artist and holds more than sixty patents in the U.S. for industrial glass processes, including the heat-resistant fibers used in space shuttles. He believes that understanding the properties of glass is essential to working with the medium. Labino has been influential in studio glass, formulating unique compositions, building his own equipment, and discovering new ways of working with color.