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Julie Anne Mihalisin Portrait

Julie Anne Mihalisin

Gainesville, Florida 1962

Active in:

  • Milton, West Virginia
  • Seattle, Washington

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Julie Mihalisin.

Luce Artist Quote

"By combining molten glass with restraining precious metals, I strive to demonstrate, through juxtaposition, the unique beauty of both materials." Julie Anne Mihalisin

Luce Artist Biography

Julie Anne Mihalisin first began working with glass and precious metal as a graduate student at London's Royal College of Art, at the suggestion of British jeweler Jacqueline Mina. Mihalisin quickly developed a fascination with the contrasting properties of glass and metal. The artist experimented with the technique of "kiln-slumped glass jewelry," in which a metal framework that helps shape the glass is in turn entrapped in the glass. With her husband, artist Philip Walling, Mihalisin has since adapted her technique to larger wall sculptures.