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Phil Brown

Also Known as: Phil F. Brown

Denver, Colorado 1937

Luce Artist Quote

"Turning is an opportunity to discover and experience pattern and form. It is exciting to expose a tree's unusual figure and find a vessel inside. That turned vessel is like a flowing object, revealing the inner beauty of the once majestic living tree. The wood continues to live for us, providing enjoyment through sight, touch, and use." Artist's statement

Luce Artist Biography

Phil Brown's bowls are designed to bring out the natural color of the wood. He began turning wood in the 1970s after seeing some inspiring wood pieces on a trip to Maine. He purchased a book about wood turning and a secondhand lathe and taught himself how to turn a bowl through trial and error. Brown uses wood from locally grown trees and creates one-of-a-kind vessels in his workshop in Bethesda, Maryland.