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Brother Thomas Bezanson Portrait

Brother Thomas Bezanson

Also Known as: Charles Bezanson, Brother Thomas

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1929

Erie, Pennsylvania 2007

Luce Artist Quote

"Art is first in the person as an experience which is spiritual . . . skills are acquired to express it, perhaps even to release it." Artist quoted in The Boston Phoenix, October 8, 1999

Luce Artist Biography

Brother Thomas Bezanson was born in Halifax in 1929, and graduated in 1950 from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He began working as a potter in 1953 and six years later entered the Benedictine Monastery in Weston, Vermont. He lived and worked in the monastery for twenty-five years but, feeling that his artistic freedom was limited, he left to become artist-in-residence in the community of Benedictine Sisters in Erie, Pennsylvania. Brother Thomas's simple forms are complemented by a vivid array of glazes, which he creates himself from natural materials.