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Thomas Loeser Portrait

Thomas Loeser

Also Known as: Tom Loeser

Boston, Massachusetts 1956

Active in:

  • Madison, Wisconsin

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Tom Loeser.

Luce Artist Quote

"I'm really against the preciousness of materials. Another thing furniture has against it is that it takes a hell of a long time to make stuff, and the more hours you put into a piece, the tighter you get and the less willing you are to take risks." Artist quoted in American Craft, August/September 1994

Luce Artist Biography

Tom Loeser has spent his career creating furniture that works like puzzles. His chests and wall cabinets invite us to open the drawers and to figure out how the pieces work. The carved and painted surfaces lead the eye in different directions, creating an optical experience that goes beyond the simple form of the piece. Loeser was trained to be a skilled craftsman, but he prefers to create furniture that is more playful than impressive, offering his viewers a chance to check their "furniture reflexes."