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Bud Latven Portrait

Bud Latven

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1949

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Bud Latven.

Luce Artist Quote

"Turning was a fairly unexplored medium and it was open to interpretation. That was the lure of it back then, and it still is now." Bud Latven, Woodshop News, 1998

Luce Artist Biography

Bud Latven moved to New Mexico in 1972 and worked in a cabinet shop making waterbeds and southwestern-style furniture. He started his own business in a small abandoned garage two years later and made furniture from burls and root structures. After using a lathe to make a set of goblets, he began to experiment with turned vessels and sculptures. Latven became a leader in the technique of "segmented turning" during the 1980s. He constructs the initial form from many small blocks of wood and often incorporates a variety of colors into one piece.