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Johannes Michelsen Portrait

Johannes Michelsen

Copenhagen, Denmark 1945

Active in:

  • Manchester Center, Vermont

Photo Caption:
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Luce Artist Quote

"I feel it is important to use developed techniques to do new forms other than the forms the techniques were developed for." Johannes Michelsen, Turning Points, 1999

Luce Artist Biography

Johannes Michelsen worked as a home builder and land developer in Vermont during the 1970s. He enjoyed working with wood and specialized in custom stair building, until an article about woodturner David Ellsworths hollow forms inspired him to become a vessel maker. He learned to turn green wood and produced bowls that distorted as they dried. In 1990, Michelsen attended a cowboy-style wedding and decided to make a turned wooden hat for the occasion. It was so well received that he now specializes completely in hats that can be either worn or displayed as pieces of sculpture.