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Billie Ruth Sudduth Portrait

Billie Ruth Sudduth

Sewanee, Tennessee 1945

Active in:

  • Bakersville, North Carolina, UNited States
  • Birmingham, Alabama

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Billie Ruth Sudduth.

Luce Artist Quote

"Thanks to all the years working with the reeds, I can still arm-wrestle with the best of them. The only time my hands hurt is when I'm not working." Artist quoted in American Style, Spring 2000

Luce Artist Biography

Billie Ruth Sudduth began making baskets as a diversion from her job as a school psychologist, and decided in 1989 to dedicate all of her time to weaving. The shapes of her baskets are inspired by folk forms and by the numerical sequences discovered by Fibonacci, a thirteenth-century Italian mathematician who was the first to describe the "golden ratio" that governs the growth of many organisms.