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Paul Dresang Portrait

Paul Dresang

Also Known as: Paul A. Dresang, Paul Anthony Dresang

Appleton, Wisconsin 1948

Active in:

  • Edwardsville, Illinois

Luce Artist Quote

"My greatest hope is that when people approach my work they will be challenged to decide what they see in it. In a way they have to risk themselves, especially if they share their observations. Anyone who views my work and cares about it cannot avoid investing something of themselves in the process." Artist's statement

Luce Artist Biography

In his early ceramic work Paul Dresang produced fully functional vessels, an approach he abandoned once he started to work with porcelain in 1985. With this change, he began to explore the surreal images he could create with ceramics. He is known for sculpting teapots enclosed in "unzipped" ceramic "bags." This motif emerged from the artist's interest in the opposing ideas of constraint and breaking free. This theme later led him to incorporate other common objects such as children's toys or household wares. Dresang focuses his work on everyday items because he hopes that they will evoke a memory or experience, providing viewers a personal connection to his sculptures.