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Christina Y. Smith

Also Known as: Christina Smith, Christina Yvonne Smith

Berkeley, California 1951

Luce Artist Quote

"I've always had a passion for luxury objects . . . I have chosen to create my pieces in thick gauge sterling sheet because I want them to actually be precious, possessing value in the use of the materials." Smith, quoted in Lauria, "Profiles of Modern Day Silversmiths," Silver Magazine Web site, November/December 2003

Luce Artist Biography

Christina Y. Smith has lived and worked most of her life in California, studying jewelry and metalsmithing at California State University and San Diego State University. She teaches three-dimensional design at California State and has a large metalworking studio within walking distance of the campus. Smith creates silver jewelry and tea services whose shapes address a wide range of personal issues, from the loss of a parent to her opinions on current politics. She often includes cutout figures in her sculptures to represent people she is "thinking about," a process she describes as "stealing" an element of someone’s soul. (Wagle, "Chris Smith, The Luxury of Stolen Images," Metalsmith, Spring 1999)