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Mark Peiser Portrait

Mark Peiser

Also Known as: Mark C. Peiser, Mark Curtis Peiser

Chicago, Illinois 1938

Active in:

  • Penland, North Carolina

Photo Caption:
Photography by Paul Jeremias.

Luce Artist Quote

"I don't think I know any more about glass than anyone else, except Ive done thousands of tests."Peiser, quoted in Byrd,"Mark Peiser,"New Work, Spring 1989

Luce Artist Biography

Mark Peiser started his career as an industrial designer, but after working briefly in Chicago he left his job to study at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Glassblowing fascinated him, and within a few years he had built his own home and studio on the school grounds. Peiser experimented with a wide variety of effects, adding different materials to the molten glass such as ceramic glaze powders, household products, and even rat poison, which made"beautiful bubbles." Peiser has continued to play with established formulas and techniques throughout his career, creating and combining new and unusual colors in his glass sculptures.