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Melvin Lindquist Portrait

Melvin Lindquist

Kingsburg, California 1911

Quincy, Florida 2000

Photo Caption:
Photograph by Kathy Linquist

Luce Artist Quote

“Turning for me is being young again as each stiff, old, distressed piece of wood comes alive with a refreshing new chance at life.” Melvin Lindquist, 1985

Luce Artist Biography

Melvin Lindquist pioneered the use of spalted wood in turned vessels. The fine black lines and blemishes result from the spread of bacteria and mineral deposits in the drying wood. Lindquist’s job as a lathe operator for General Electric demanded the production of flawlessly machined objects; away from the factory, he enjoyed exploiting the natural cracks, holes, and uneven edges that occurred in his turned wooden vessels.