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Tod Pardon

Saratoga Springs, New York 1952

Luce Artist Quote

“I rely on the viewer to make sense of it all. My only advice is to consider this quote from the poet Rabindranath Tagore: ‘What seems to be coming at you is really coming from you.’” Tod Pardon

Luce Artist Biography

Tod Pardon wanted a career distinct from that of his father, jewelry artist Earl Pardon, and so pursued painting and ceramics. Tod eventually agreed to apprentice with his father, learning a variety of jewelry and metalsmithing techniques and working with gold foil, glass beads, and painted glass. It was not until his father’s death that Tod began to find a style of his own. His series of figural brooches function both as wearable jewelry and as small sculptures that can be displayed on a matching pedestal. Two necklaces by Earl Pardon are also represented in the Luce Center.