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Jeff Wise

Also Known as: Jeff G. Wise

Silver Creek, New York 1953

Luce Artist Quote

“I am captivated by fitting together stones, metal, and mechanical functions and I try to keep this process of construction totally apparent to the viewer.” Artist’s statement in “Exhibition in Print,” Metalsmith, 1998

Luce Artist Biography

Jeff Wise combines sculptural gemstones and precious metals to create pieces that recall ancient rituals and our modern understanding of the universe. Wise believes that the feel of his jewelry is as important as the visual impact. He likes gold for its soft, inviting matte surface and for its ability to bend light when polished, and cuts his own gemstones to capture a “sensuous, smooth and curving surface.” Wise now collaborates with his wife, Susan, to create comfortable jewelry that “gives life” to both the wearer and the work.