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Brad Silberberg

Baltimore, Maryland 1953

Luce Artist Quote

"There's a certain immediacy and urgency to blacksmithing that really appeals to me. I love the motion of the hammer turning with the heat, and the feeling of kinetic energy when it stops at the bar. The physical process is very exciting." Brad Silberberg, Bob Vila's American Home, Spring 1997

Luce Artist Biography

Brad Silberberg began his career as a sculptor of wood, metal, and stone. He learned smithing in order to make tools for carving wood, and his first forge was in a chicken coop. He loved the process of hammering red-hot steel and never went back to wood, establishing Bradley Metal Design in 1986. Silberberg started by making gates, stair rails, and furnishings for architectural commissions, but more recently has concentrated purely on sculptural work. He beats, stretches, bends, and scrolls metal into elaborate designs that reflect the physical effort of smithing.