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Barbara Walter Portrait

Barbara Walter

Clarendon Hills, Illinois 1952

Active in:

  • Fabius, New York

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Barbara Walter.

Luce Artist Quote

“I don’t recall my first experience with metal, but I can remember spending hours immersed in the joy of discovering how easily the materials could be manipulated by my hands. The sensations from feeling the surfaces change and move stimulated my ideas.” Artist’s statement in Touch of a Finger; Turn of a Phrase: Ring Toys of Barbara Walter

Luce Artist Biography

Barbara Walter creates rings that are visual “puns.” She is fascinated by mistaken meanings, and by playfully illustrating conversations, daydreams, and tongue twisters, she calls attention to the ways that human beings communicate. The artist hopes that by experiencing such confusion firsthand, the viewer will see the humor in misunderstanding. Her lighthearted attitude shows in the movable parts that she incorporates in each piece, transforming it from functional jewelry to mechanical toy.