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Florence Resnikoff Portrait

Florence Resnikoff

Also Known as: Florence Lisa Resnikoff, Florence L. Resnikoff

Fort Worth, Texas 1920

Oakland, California 2013

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Florence Resnikoff.

Luce Artist Quote

“I have no wish to duplicate ancient designs; it is only the technology and metallurgy that interests me. Equally, I enjoy using the technology of contemporary industrial sources for my work with space-age refractory metals.” Florence Resnikoff, in “‘Living Treasure’ Master Metalworker Exhibits Jewelry, Holloware and Sculpture,” 2000

Luce Artist Biography

Florence Resnikoff’s skills as a metalsmith have led her to produce a variety of pieces including jewelry, hollowware, sculpture, and liturgical objects. She studied enameling and basic jewelry techniques at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but did not make a professional commitment to art until she moved in 1951 to the San Francisco Bay Area. There, she was strongly influenced by her interaction with members of the Metal Arts Guild and with Margaret De Patta in particular. Resnikoff’s lifelong interest in color has led her to employ enamel, patinas, cast resins, and electroformed metals in her search for an expanded palette. She is known for her unusual combinations of metals and gemstones.