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Myra Mimlitsch Gray Portrait

Myra Mimlitsch Gray

Camden, New Jersey 1962

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Luce Artist Quote

"I fell in love with metals before I understood my own role as an artist. I use metal to express ideas. Im trying to push the material beyond form and process." Artist quoted in Arts Indiana, November 1991

Luce Artist Biography

Myra Mimlitsch Gray received her masters degree in metalsmithing from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1986. Her work evokes the precious silver services of earlier American households, and asks the viewer to imagine the lives of women who were often identified by their possessions. Presentation pieces of fine silver marked anniversaries, births, and other major events in domestic life for generations of American women. Grays art taps into a collective memory of womans work in the home, and by focusing on the empty interiors of objects, shows us the hollowness at the heart of that experience.