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Lisa Gralnick

Bethpage, New York 1956

Active in:

  • Rosendale, New York

Luce Artist Quote

“‘[C]raft’ is only a means to an end for me, as it is for many artists. My desire to push the limits of jewelry and expand on them, to comment on its traditions and associations, is more the concern of any artist.” Lisa Gralnick, in Susan Grant Lewin, One of a Kind: American Art Jewelry Today, 1994

Luce Artist Biography

Lisa Gralnick began her career as a teacher at Kent State University’s School of Art. She quit teaching after a few years to develop her own body of work, and was the recipient of many grants, fellowships, and awards. Now head of the metals program at the Parsons School of Design, her busy schedule allows her to make fewer than five pieces each year. Gralnick’s art is often inspired by philosophical issues, and raises questions about immortality, language, and the artistic process.