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Hank Murta Adams Portrait

Hank Murta Adams

Also Known as: Hank M. Adams

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1956

Photo Caption:
Photography by Sam Geer. Courtesy Hank Murta Adams.

Luce Artist Quote

"Heads made by Hank Murta Adams wear their nerves outside their bodies. Actually, his heads are nothing but nerves, all of them on edge." Regina Hackett, Seattle Post, 2001

Luce Artist Biography

Hank Murta Adams studied as a painter before turning to the medium of glass. He describes portraiture as a "venture of communication, with the sitter, the viewer and society at large." He does not create individual portraits, but uses the "theatrics of posed or imagined characters" to explore human experience. Adams's work abandons the conventional function of glass to transmit light; instead, his glass castings capture light and a sense of life within. The rough, disfigured surfaces of his works are embedded with fragments of industrial debris.