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Richard Jolley Portrait

Richard Jolley

Wichita, Kansas 1952

Photo Caption:
Photo by Hei Park

Luce Artist Quote

"Glass is a dichotomy. It's breakable, but when it's liquid, it's just like a pastry decoration." Richard Jolley, 1998

Luce Artist Biography

Richard Jolley's work explores the human body in formats ranging from colored glass "line drawings" to brightly colored figures and totems. He is intrigued by the "pure abstraction" of science and art: "I find that if you explain too much about the alchemy, it dispels the myth and mystery that art should possess." The demanding production of Jolley's large-scale sculptures means he cannot work alone. One of his early assistants was glass artist Tommie Rush. They married in 1988 and now share a studio full time.