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Helen Cordero Portrait

Helen Cordero

Also Known as: Helen Quintano, Helen Quintana Cordero, Daiyrowsita, Helen Quintana

Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico 1915


Active in:

  • Bernalillo, New Mexico

Luce Artist Biography

Helen Cordero is known for her "storyteller" figures from Cochiti folklore. Her work helped to revive interest in the craft in 1964 when she sold her experimental figures at the Santo Domingo feast-day market (Charles Rosenak, "The Storytellers," Indians of New Mexico, 1990). Cordero used clay found around her home and fired her pieces over an open cedar flame. She was inspired to create these figures by memories of her grandfather, a Cochiti storyteller who was "always surrounded by enraptured small children." (Chuck and Jan Rosenak, Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia, 1990)