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Louis Naranjo

Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico 1932

Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico 1997

Luce Artist Quote

"My ideas come from the environment here in the pueblo and from the songs in my heart. I sing to the clay and the clay sings back, telling me what is good to make" Louis Naranjo, quoted in Charles Rosenak, "The Storytellers," Indians of New Mexico, 1990

Luce Artist Biography

Louis Naranjo grew up in the pueblo of Cochiti, a small village in New Mexico where he learned how to make pottery from his mother. He worked with his wife, Virginia, creating figures and animals while they sat around their dining room table. They used clay from the hills around their home and applied clay slips and beeweed juice to create different colors. (Charles Rosenak, "The Storytellers," Indians of New Mexico, 1990)