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Artist Search Tips

  • Enter the first and last names either in normal word order or inverted word order separated by a comma. Enter names of organizations in normal word order.
    Robert Rauschenberg
    Homer, Winslow
    Tiffany Studios
    Garner Tullis Workshop
  • If you enter one name only, the search will return works by any artist who has that name (as either a first or last name, or even as part of their name).
    Example: Entering the name William will return works by William H. Johnson, Arthur Williams, and Roberta Williamson.

Name search hints

  • Entering the artist's last name and the first letter of the first name (inverted, with a comma) can help narrow the search if you are unsure of the spelling of the first name.
    Example: Entering Jones, L will return artists Lizzie C. Jones and Lois Mailou Jones.
  • Enter a single letter to see all the artists whose first OR last name begins with that letter.
    Example: Enter the letter X and the results include X Press, Xavier Martinez, and Jean Xceron.
  • Enter the first letter of a last name and the first letter of a first name (in normal order or inverted and separated by a comma) to see all the artists whose names begin with those letters.
    Example: Enter D, J and the results will include artists Jo Davidson, John Davies, and Joseph Detwiler.
  • Enter R S (with the letters separated by one space) and the results will include Richard Sargent, Raymond White Skolfield, and Ramona Solberg.
  • Watch for spelling and typos - if a name is misspelled, then you may get "no results" after you click Find Artist.
    Example: Entering Georgia O'Keeffe will return the correct artist record. Entering Georgia O'Keefe will return "no results."
  • There is a wildcard character of a % symbol. If you enter the % symbol into the artist name search field, the results will list all the artists in the database. You may combine entering the % symbol with checking the boxes to limit the search to Artists with biographies or Artists with portraits.
  • Searches are not case sensitive - you may use all capital letters, all lower case, or mixed case and get the same result.