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1957 Howard Mehring Born: Washington, District of Columbia 1931 Died: Annapolis, Maryland 1978 acrylic on canvas 52 1/2 x 65 1/2 in. (133.4 x 166.4 cm.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift from the Vincent Melzac Collection 1980.6.13 Smithsonian American Art Museum
Luce Foundation Center, 4th Floor, 43B

Luce Center Quote

“I prefer to work flat on the floor with the canvas unsized and unstretched. Raw canvas seems more open to me. I am closer to the painting, more in contact with it.” Mehring, 1960, cited in Livingston, Howard Mehring: A Retrospective Exhibition, 1978

Luce Center Label

During the late 1950s, Howard Mehring based his work on Jackson Pollock’s “drip” paintings. He described his experiments as “stained” Pollocks, because his thin paints penetrated the fibers of the unprimed canvas. Mehring compared his translucent washes of color to the tonalities of music, saying that he wanted to capture the “floating sensation” of jazz in his paintings. (Livingston, Howard Mehring: A Retrospective Exhibition, 1978)




paint - acrylic

fabric - canvas