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Open Vessel

1990 Helga Winter Born: Niederrossbach, Germany 1948 plum 4 1/8 x 11 x 11 1/4 in. (10.5 x 28.0 x 28.6 cm) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of George Peter Lamb and Lucy Scardino in memory of Natalie Rust Lamb © 1990, Helga Winter 1995.100.31 Not currently on view

Luce Center Quote

"The tree is shaped by the seasons, by the wind, the soil and rain, by the animals that crawl or land upon it. These influences turn and age the wood inside and the story of its struggle to reach the sun can be seen in the patterns of its grain." Helga Winter, 2003

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Helga Winter's objects retain the natural figure of tree trunks, branches, and roots. Open Vessel is turned from the trunk of a tree, and the rough bark around the edge reveals the tree's original size and shape. Winter carved a pattern of lines and circles onto the smooth, dark plum wood to evoke falling leaves.


decorative arts

Crafts - Wood

wood - plum wood