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40 F. S.

1987 Jon Wolfe Born: Champaign, Illinois 1955 glass 14 x 12 3/4 x 4 1/2 in. (35.5 x 32.4 x 11.4 cm) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of Carol and Don Wiiken 1999.57.4 Smithsonian American Art Museum
Luce Foundation Center, 4th Floor, 56A

Luce Center Label

Glass artist Jon Wolfe explored the erosion of man-made structures in his "F.S." series. Short for fabricated structures, the "F.S." series examines how man often uses natural structures to reinforce man-made ones. In 40 F.S., the sculpture is leaning yet appears solid, emphasizing the artist's idea that natural elements combined with fabricated ones are stronger than the forces that act to level them.

This artwork was recommended by citizen curators as part of our Fill the Gap project on Flickr. They said: "Because it looks different then the others but yet it somehow works with the rest of the pieces. And I love this piece." "This piece of art is an entreging interest piece that is unlike any other. Most of the other choices to choose from are very typical, as the pieces that are already in the display case, go very well with the piece I have chosen. Good luck!" "Personally I think that this beautiful piece of glass sculpture should fill in the gap is because of how the sizes of the pieces next to it! Thank you!" "Because it looks like a very time consuming project and it looks like he spent a lot of time because it looks different from other pieces and it looks like crystal. I also think that it will contrast well against the other pieces in the shelf."


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About Jon Wolfe

Born: Champaign, Illinois 1955

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