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Satinwood Bowl #458

1989 Mike Shuler Born: Trenton, New Jersey 1950 satinwood, purpleheart, and bloodwood 4 3/4 x 11 5/8 in. diam. (12.0 x 29.6 cm) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of Fleur and Charles Bresler in honor of Kenneth R. Trapp, curator-in-charge of the Renwick Gallery (1995--2003) 2003.60.57 Not currently on view

Luce Center Quote

"The combination of the decreasing size of segments and the grain of the wood makes looking into some of these bowls feel like you're someplace in the sky looking down at a hurricane or looking into the iris of an eye." Michael Shuler, Fine Woodworking, 1989

Luce Center Label

Michael Shuler alternated stripes of purple vermilion wood with layers of satinwood to create this colorful design. One hundred and four wedge-shaped segments of laminated wood were placed in a circle, cut into rings, then reassembled into a bowl form. By rotating the rings around the vessel, Shuler was able to create this vibrant zigzag pattern of contrasting colors.


decorative arts

Crafts - Wood

wood - bloodwood

wood - purpleheart

wood - satinwood

About Mike Shuler

Born: Trenton, New Jersey 1950

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