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Singing and Printing I

2001 Jim Dine Born: Cincinnati, Ohio 1935 Jim Dine (Printer) Pace Editions, Inc. (Publisher) unique monoprint woodcut, hand-painted in acrylic, on paper sheet: 69 7/8 x 55 in. (177.5 x 139.7 cm) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of the Jerome F. Meyer Trust 2004.22.2 Not currently on view

Exhibition Label

Images of the classical Venus de Milo recur frequently in Jim Dine’s art. A universal symbol of love and beauty, she has also been interpreted as an archetypal mother-figure or fertility symbol. In the series of prints titled Singing and Printing, of which this is the first, the same woodcut image of Venus appears in each impression, but the addition of hand-painting makes each one unique and frequently quite different from the others. The artist may be alluding to the various meanings of Venus by repeating the image, yet making each representation distinctive.

Multiplicity, 2011


Figure - torso

graphic arts - print

paint - acrylic

paper - arches cover