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Untitled--It feels so good to be in my private world. The world out there is scary. There are so many problems. I guess my life is a bit isolated--but in my world there are problems too. Poorer peoples lives are less complicated. They do not have to worry about running such a big house, the boat needing constant repairs or the servants wearing spotless white uniforms. Our lives are parelleled however when it comes to the pursuance of health, happiness and family fullfilment. From wherever one stands ones problems always seem important. Mitzi Cohen, from the series Rich and Poor

ca. 1977-1982 Jim Goldberg Born: New Haven, Connecticut 1953 selenium toned gelatin silver print sheet: 14 x 11 in. (35.6 x 28.0 cm.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Museum purchase made possible by George D. Widener and Eleanor Widener Dixon © 1977-1985, Jim Goldberg 1988.19.15 Not currently on view


Animal - cat

Architecture Interior - detail - window

Object - foliage - cactus

Object - tool - telescope

Portrait female - Cohen, Mitzi

photography - photoprint

paper - agfa

gelatin silver

gelatin silver - toned

About Jim Goldberg

Born: New Haven, Connecticut 1953

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