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Artwork Search Tips

  • Search terms will return results that match any part of the artwork—artist, title, medium, keywords, dimensions, creditline, accession number and location, if on view.

    "hopper" will return results:

    • "Edward Hopper" (artist)
    • "Coal Hopper at 14th Street" (artwork title)
    • "Rock Bottom" (artwork title), which depicts a mine with hoppers cars and tagged with the keyword, "hopper".

    "cat" will retun results:

    • "Child and Cat" (artwork title)
    • "Elegance" (artwork title), a sculpture of a cat
    • "Porpoise" (artwork title), a sculpture of a porpoise made of carved and painted wood, and turquoise cat's-eye marbles.

    "Luce Foundation Center" will identify all artworks located in our Luce Foundation Center and "Renwick Gallery" will identify all artworks located in our Renwick Gallery.

    For the best results, use broad keywords or short phrases. You can then refine your selection by applying filters located the right-hand column of the returned results.

  • This search uses "word stem searching" which will find artworks which may have different suffixes.


    • "speak" will return results for "speaks", "speaking", and "speaker".
    • "cat" will return "cat", "cats", and "cat's".

      If a word does not contain an expected stem suffix, it will not be returned.
      For example, searching on "Cat" will not return the artist, "Catlin".

  • By default, all words in a search phrase will be treated as "and".


    George Washington

    finds artworks with the words "George" AND "Washington" within the same artwork.

    "George Washington" Using quotes finds artworks with the words in the exact order typed.
    +William +Zorach +paintings -sculpture Use a "+" in front of each word to ensure the search terms MUST BE matched in one artwork. Use a "-" in front of each word to ensure the search terms MUST BE excluded.
    George OR Washington While this search engine is text based, not Boolean-based (AND/OR), it will attempt to provide the user with the best results if the "OR" operator is used. In this case, the search will find artworks with either the words "George" OR "Washington" within the record. Please note, however, that using "OR" will not provide exact results. Try using filters for better results.
  • Watch for spelling and typos - if a name is misspelled, then you may get a result of "no works" after you click "Find Artwork."
    Enter Georgia O'Keeffe and the search will return a number of records.
    Enter Georgia O'Keefe and the result will be "no works."

    A drop-down auto-suggest feature based on the first few characters of your search term will aid in selection and spelling.
  • Searches are not case sensitive - you may use all capital letters, all lower case, or mixed case and get the same result.